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NSN News
Wed 8 January 2020

"The crisis of ‘stuck schools’ has been a longstanding concern for NSN and we welcome Ofsted’s commitment to taking action by proposing reforms. 

"It is a scandal that over 200,000 children are left forgotten in ‘stuck schools’. This change is part of a wider set of measures required to address this challenge. And we wholeheartedly agree the carousel of consultants is doing more harm than good.

Fri 13 December 2019

When it was introduced in 2010, the free schools programme was designed to empower parents, teachers, charities and businesses to revitalise communities and deliver educational opportunity for young people. Where they exist, new schools are offering parental choice and innovation, and delivering positive outcomes for the children who attend them. However, academy and free school reforms have stagnated in recent years, and NSN believes that the sector is in need of reinvigoration.

Thu 12 December 2019

The banning of anti-LGBT protests against inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) at  Anderton Park Primary School by the High Court is a win for diversity and inclusion in England’s schools. However, diversity and inclusion must go beyond what is taught in RSE.

NSN News
Sun 8 December 2019

"The NEU’s figures are deliberately misleading – but these tactics are wholly unsurprising given the reality of free schools’ success. 30% of free schools are Ofsted Outstanding, compared to 19% of all other schools nationally, and again and again we see parents voting with their feet, choosing their local free school as their school of choice.

Fri 6 December 2019

Our education system has gaps that cannot continue to go unnoticed. Throughout this election little time has been spent looking at how we can support our most vulnerable- children in special and alternative provision (AP) schools.  

Thu 5 December 2019

Developing a strong rapport with the LA can also be the key to getting approval from local residents. Unity Community Primary School, for instance, uses input from its LA to challenge and support school leaders. Free schools and LAs both want what is best for local students, so this consideration should come before everything else.

Free Schools in the media
Wed 4 December 2019

Under Ofsted's new framework, which came into effect in September, it is now much harder for schools to achieve the top rating.  Indeed, a number of schools inspected this term have seen their ratings fall under the tougher and more challenging framework.


Westside School has bucked the trend with a highly positive report in which it is judged Outstanding in every category.  The inspectors who spent two days at the school began their glowing report by simply stating that students "get a great deal" in the school.


NSN News
Tue 3 December 2019

"We are delighted to see the positive progress in UK PISA scores, especially the improvement in Reading and Maths. These reflect the hard work of staff, pupils and governors in schools across England who show the system is one that competes with the best internationally. There is, of course, more work to be done but we are trending in the right direction.