Eric Pickles, the MP for Brentwood, has welcomed the addtion of two new free schools to the constituency in Essex.

The Grove House School and The Ongar Academy have both been approved to open in September 2015. The former will be a specialist special school for pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties for children and young people aged 9-19, while the later will become the first secondary school in Ongar for over 25 years.

Commenting on Grove House School, Mr Pickles said: "Grove House School promises to be a free school which will meet a specific demand and I have no doubt it will be of great benefit to many children with communication difficulties in years to come."

On The Ongar Academy he commented: "I am aware there has been a desire for some time for children in Ongar to be able to continue their education in the town rather than having to travel to Brentwood or Epping for secondary school provision. A great deal of work was undertaken by the Ongar Academy team to try to make this desire a reality and hope the return of secondary education to Ongar is as successful as hoped."

Mr Pickles also mentioned how the children of Brentwood are already benefitting from the existing Becket Keys secondary free school which opened in 2012.

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