Head of the Academy Ambassadors Programme responds to new research from Forum Strategy

Emma Gregory, Head of the New School Network's Academy Ambassadors Programme, responds to a new report by Forum Strategy, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion amongst Academy Trust CEOs:  

"Diversity and inclusion at trust board level has a transformative impact for pupils and staff alike. This welcome research shows the important consequences of absent diversity on the aspirations of future trust leaders.

The findings in this research suggest that academy trusts are starting to take diversity issues more seriously. This has been the case for the Academy Ambassadors Programme, which has seen an increased demand in trusts seeking to diversify their trust boards. However, diversity must be delivered through a conscious effort which promotes inclusivity for all. This cannot be a tick box exercise, and recruitment should be one step in a cultural shift at trust level.

We are proud to be a partner with Inclusion Labs on the ‘Decade of Diversity’ initiative and hope more research like this will paint a different picture in years to come."

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