Demystifying the trustee: Adanna Welch-Charles

For Trustees' Week 2021, we have produced a new interview series to demystify the trustee role to potential candidates. Adanna Welch-Charles told us her reasons for volunteering in education. 

Adanna is Head of Operational Governance and Business Manager at Vodafone Group CTO, Vodafone Technology and is a trustee for REAch2 Academy Trust.

Why did you get involved as a trustee?

Academy Ambassadors came to speak to the MIN (Multicultural and Inclusion Network) at Vodafone about why it was important for individuals in corporate settings to get involved with education. This conversation tugged at my heart strings as I knew there was more I could be doing. I asked myself, Adanna – what have you got in your hands and how could you contribute?

I am passionate about helping people from minority groups to succeed in technology careers. I am a Sponsor for Race and Ethnicity, an active executive for the Multicultural and Inclusion Network and an ambassador for Change the Face - an alliance of 12 global organisations that have agreed to collaborate to increase diversity and equality in the technology industry.

When you have something in your hands be it knowledge, a talent, experience and/or learnings; it is important to share these to influence and ultimately create impact and make a difference where you can. By being involved in an education trust, an active member of the team, I am able to influence our younger generation by ensuring they are truly equipped with the tools they need before stepping into the wider world.

What contribution have you made? 

The contribution I make is by sharing my experiences and my personal background; a school may be a government entity but the fundamental system, processes, and structure of running this body are very similar to that of a corporate organisation. I can constructively challenge, advise and make recommendations on policies and procedures as an active member of the Trust. I have recently been aligned to the Finance and Resources committee at REACH2 and have been supporting the team to develop a clear Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion strategy.

Why is being a trustee in education is so important?

Education was my passport to a better future. Coming from a single parent family I recognised that learning and application of what I learnt was the key to my success. Education is the one of the things in life that provides you with a platform to be your best self. Every child should be provided with this opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment. Every child should be allowed to be limitless. I think being a trustee in education allows me to contribute to this limitless possibility by ensuring that the system works at the highest standard. 

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