Creating a mainstream education plan

This section will be both the longest section in your application, and one of the most detailed. Having set out your vision and key aims, this section is where you set out a detailed explanation of how you will put your vision into action. Your education plan should consist of the elements outlined below.

Curriculum plan

  •  An ambitious and deliverable curriculum plan which is consistent with the vision and meets the needs of the pupil intake

Here you should give high level information on your chosen curriculum including why you have chosen it, why it is suitable to deliver your vision and meet the needs of your expected pupil cohort, what subjects will be covered, the length of the school day, the enrichment programme, the qualifications offered and pupil transition. Your curriculum must be broad and balanced and have a suitable focus on the core subjects (English, Maths and Science).

16-19 free schools

A broad and balanced curriculum is not necessary for 16-19 providers, but you should clearly set out what qualifications will be offered, and how these will meet the needs and interests of all anticipated students.

Measuring pupil performance

  • Your strategies for measuring pupil performance effectively and setting challenging targets.

Here you should outline your targets for your school and show that they are ambitious and realistic and will allow you to measure the success of your vision. You must also outline an assessment and data tracking system that will allow pupil performance to be monitored and explain your system for reviewing targets to improve school performance.


  • A staffing structure that will deliver the planned curriculum within the expected income levels

You should outline a staffing structure that is affordable and will deliver the education plan as the school builds up to capacity. You must also include a diagram that shows the staffing structure when the school reaches capacity and contingency plans for if your school was operating with fewer pupils than expected.


  • The school will be welcoming to pupils of all faiths/world views and none 

All applicants are required to outline how thier school will be welcoming to pupils of all backgrounds. If your school has a religious designation, a faith ethos, or a particularly distinctive educational philosophy and worldview you must also complete an additional section outlining how the needs of pupils of other and no faiths are fully provided for within the curriculum.

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