Referrals for alternative provision schools

In Section E2 of the application form you must describe how your referral process is designed to ensure that you work collaboratively with commissioners to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the pupils coming to your school.

It is up to you how you present this information, and it will depend on how much your approach varies from commissioner to commissioner and pupil to pupil.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to highlight how this fits into and ensures the effectiveness of your education plan. 

In developing your referral process you will need to consider the following:

  • Your criteria for referrals to ensure that you only admit pupils with needs that your school is able to cater for,
  • How long referrals will take,
  • The staff members involved,
  • What information you will expect to gather from commissioners,
  • What information you will expect to give to commissioners,

If you are an existing provision applying to convert to become a free school you should explain how your referral process currently works, and how and why this will continue to work effectively once you are a free school. You should also explain how this will be tailored to any new elements of your provision or a growth in numbers.

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