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If your board is looking to enhance and diversify its governance capacity, growing a candidate pool outside of your personal networks is essential. But knowing where to start can be challenging and time consuming.

Identifying the right trustee for your board shouldn’t be a painstaking commitment. That’s why we have developed a proven, high-impact and low-risk solution tailored to the needs of your board.

We can support you through your hiring process by finding business leaders of the highest-calibre. Our team of experts will plug the vacancies you’re seeking to fill with candidates who have the right experiences, motivations and skills — so you can find the right person for your board.

Getting it right

We’re delighted that our Premium Trustee Recruitment Service ensures all academy trusts in England are now able to access our sector-leading, non-executive search function.

Our service puts the needs of your trust front and centre. We’ll work with you through a simple four-step process:

Premium Recruitment Service process

We’re extremely proud of our track record helping trusts like yours in this endeavour at NSN.

While we’re proud of the scale of the programme’s operation, it pales in significance to the impact our Ambassadors have in post.

Each of the blue dots pictured below represents a handful of newly-appointed Ambassadors moving quickly to assure, galvanise and empower the organisations they serve.

AAP appointments
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We have introduced differentiated pricing for this service to ensure trusts of all sizes are able to access it at a competitive rate.

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