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Fri 25 September 2020

In July, Kiran Gill, founder of The Difference, gave evidence to the Education Select Committee’s session on the impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable children. She warned that the trauma that vulnerable children had faced during school closures would lead to a rapid spike in exclusions. The Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, has expressed similar warnings about exclusions and the struggles that children may face when adjusting back in school.  

Fri 18 September 2020

Before the NSN Hub was released in late August, we had a conversation with a headteacher who recounted a story where he had travelled back from an event. On the train home, he started speaking to another school leader by chance, about their schools and the challenges they both faced. They swapped their personal details and over the coming months, compared notes and helped each other out. 

NSN News
Tue 15 September 2020

Unity Howard, Director of New Schools Network said:  

“These are concerning findings from the Social Mobility Commission; those entitled to free school meals are more likely to earn less and have fewer opportunities than their peers.

"This is completely unjust. We must ensure that every child has a good school place that gives them the best opportunities in life, irrespective of their background. It must not be the case that a postcode can dictate life chances. 

Free Schools in the media
Tue 15 September 2020

You completed your PGCE at Homerton in 2002. What has your career trajectory been since then?

I initially did middle school training, specialising in Maths. I had previously done a psychology degree and had run activity groups for children with learning difficulties for years. I could not imagine not working with children in some capacity, and when I started teaching in primary schools, I fell in love with how creative you were able to be.

Thu 10 September 2020

Westvale Park Primary Academy

Led by Aurora Academies Trust, Westvale Park Primary Academy is a new school located on the outskirts of Crawley. In addition to the core curriculum, pupils will study Paragon; a unique humanities focused curriculum which has been designed by the school. 

Thu 3 September 2020

University of Liverpool Maths School

Following the success of King's College London Maths School and Exeter Mathematics School, the University of Liverpool Maths School for 16-19-year-olds has become the third specialist mathematics free school to open in England.

As the first school of its kind located in the North of England, it is committed to developing and retaining talent in the region, ensuring students from all socio-economic backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve their academic potential.

Free Schools in the media
Wed 26 August 2020

Schools that are opening next month that were supported by NSN include:

Free Schools in the media
Thu 20 August 2020

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