Applicant groups directory

This page lists groups who are currently working on an application but have yet to get permission to set up a Free School.

User School or Group name Age range Type of school
21stcentury_approach TBD Surrey Humanistic Free School Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
3C.south-west Green Dragon Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
3Create Side by Side All-Through (4-18) Special
3peaks 3peaks Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
A R Clarke -None-
AAB Andalusia Academy Bristol All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
abastock Banbury Primary Mainstream
AbbieClark NSN All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
abbots leigh vi... Abbots Leigh Village school Primary Mainstream
Abdullah Al-Ashraf Secondary School for Boys Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Abdullah1 Fatima Primary Mainstream
Abi Birmingham Preparatory School Primary Mainstream
ablefreeschool ABLE Free School All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
abu zayn Zayn ul Abideen Primary Hybrid
ackland.r West Midlands Academy of Peforming Arts Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Acorn Acorn Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Acorn Free School Acorn Free School Primary Mainstream
Active8 Freedom Education All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
adb07 Dunamis-Exousia All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Adoration Glory Olukemi Pelumi All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Adrian Hart Brighton Science School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Adrian Hawkes -None- All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
adrianball Positive Steps Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
AeroAcademy Aero Academy Secondary (11-16) Special
AForster Free School ASD Applicant 16-19 School Special
AGANDI AGANDI 14-19 Alternative Provision
Aghabozorg MTO Primary Free School Primary Mainstream
Ahmed23 Excal Academy Primary Mainstream
Aidan Nelson -None-
Aim High. Aim High Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Aisha Woodstock Girls School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
AishaHaider -None-
aismail Cube Academy Other Mainstream
ajith lekshmanan -None-
akaaljot NEWCASTLE PROJECT All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
al ashraf al ashraf secondary school for boys Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
al-mizan Al-Mizan School Primary Mainstream
al-quba AL-Quba Primary School Primary Mainstream
Al-Risalalah To be confirmed Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
alanbadder -None-
alanc North Kent Community Church All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
alburhan Al-Burhan Academy Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Alex Baxter Scartho Scartho Free School Primary Mainstream
alexb742 alexb742 Primary Mainstream
alexb943 alexb943 Primary Mainstream
alexc971 alexc971 Primary Mainstream
alexd55 alexd55 Primary Mainstream
alexd840 alexd840 Primary Mainstream
alexe334 alexe334 Primary Mainstream
alexe467 alexe467 Primary Mainstream
alexe596 alexe596 Primary Mainstream
alexe819 alexe819 Primary Mainstream
alexf384 alexf384 Primary Mainstream
alexg705 alexg705 Primary Mainstream
alexk194 alexk194 Primary Mainstream
alexrholmes Woking Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
alexsabine The Playroom Primary Mainstream
Alhambra Educat... The Alhambra Primary and Secondary Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Ali Ates Haringey School of Science, Sports, Art and Philosophy All-Through (4-18) Hybrid
Alison Thomas Emineo College 14-19 Alternative Provision
Alt Valley Comm... Alt Valley Community School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Alyssa-12 The Alyssa School Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
alyssa-2012 THE ALYSSA SCHOOL Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
AMG AMG Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Andrew Sulis Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Andrew Martin Whiteley Primary Mainstream
andrew1924 -None-
andrewjlockley Mathematics Centre of Excellence 16-19 School Mainstream
andrewtaggart Academy of Entrepreneurship and Sporting Excellence All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
AndrewWilton -None- Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
andycz Edgerton College Other Alternative Provision
Angela CAFAS All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Angelb1 -None- 16-19 School Alternative Provision
anightingale -None-
Anna Tink Felixstowe Community School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Anna White -None-
Anne Lowry The Element Other Alternative Provision
Annette The Place All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Annmarie PARRIS-LALSEE All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Anthony Smith Anthony Smith
Ara Internation... Ara International School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Arthur Stanley Arthur Stanley Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Ash Green School Ash Green Post 16 Free School 16-19 School Mainstream
Askel Veur -None- Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
astonacademy Aston Academy Primary Mainstream
audlatt London Central Health and Care School 16-19 School Mainstream
Audrey Howell -None-
Ava Creative School of Learning All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Avaline Avaline Primary Mainstream
Avi Avicenna Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Azeem1966 -None-
balderstone fre... balderstone free school All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
barry.pactor -None-
Belseyp TLC: The Learning Centre All-Through (4-16) Special
Ben Rogers Inspiration Trust Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Benjamin's School Benjamin's School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Better Futures Better Futures All-Through (4-18) Special
BFCC Bell Farm Christian Centre Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
BH BH Primary Mainstream
bhandari -None-
BhupinderBhoday Erith Akal Academy Primary Mainstream
BigGeoff -None-
bilal Northern Lights Primary Primary Alternative Provision
Bilingual Child... Bilingual Children's School Middle Alternative Provision
bilingualschool... Anglo-Portuguese School of London All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
billfryer -None-
Birmingham Bota... Birmingham Botanical Gardens School Primary Mainstream
Bishop's Academy Bishop's Academy Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Black Sheep Woolsthorpe by Colsterworth Democratic school All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
blessings Burton and Young All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Blue River Blue River Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
BlueSky BlueSky School All-Through (4-18) Special
Bob Sproson Red Ballon Learner Centre, Cambridge Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Bola -None- All-Through (4-16)
boltoneducationtrust HORIZON EDUCATION ACADEMY Primary Mainstream
Boobyerp Bristol Children First Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
bouba4rsf Reading School for the Future All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
bpartis -None-
bradford christ... Bradford Christian School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Brauntonfreeschool Braunton Free School Primary Mainstream
Brian Porter -None-
Bright Education Bright Education Worldwide All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Bright Steps Bright Steps Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
bronwyn besd Secondary (11-18)
bryanstonsquare Village Quarter Free School Primary Mainstream
bucklermike Learning Innvoting Future Educating Schools (Life Schools) Other Mainstream
camposol115 Oakfield project Other Alternative Provision
canterbury free... canterbury free school Primary Mainstream
Capital Talent TBD All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Captain Shaws P... Captain Shaw's C of E Primary Primary Mainstream
Carimallow The Wells Free School (provisional name) Primary
Carol Clare Boston Free School Primary Mainstream
Carole create a future All-Through (4-18)
carolynlong The Practical Place All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
cassfeeschool cassfreeschool Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Catch-22 Catch-22 All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
Cathy Evans Aim Higher Other Special
Cathy H Evans Friends of NLCS All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
cbbarnsley Barnsley Sixth Form 16-19 School Mainstream
cdhillon Hertford Free School Group Primary Mainstream
Cenet BS CENET Basketball School of Excellence All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
Ceri Sullivan Chester Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
cetm01 Confidence through Education (CtE) All-Through (4-16) Special
cfandtf2013 cfandtf2013 All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Charlie -None-
charlotte.silver Silver School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
ChetwyndeSG Chetwynde Support Group All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
chichester free... Chichester Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
children1 Undecided Primary Mainstream
Chipping Barnet... Chipping Barnet Parish School Primary Mainstream
Choppy 4 Ltd Choppy 4 Ltd All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Chris London College of Humanities 16-19 School Mainstream
Chris Burr -None-
chris franks None All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
chris.thomas Lighthouse Free School Primary Mainstream
Chris@catch22 Catch22 14-19 Alternative Provision
Christine P Megson Elephant and Castle Primary Mainstream
ChristyGreyZ Kristy Grey All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
chris_johnson79 -None- All-Through (4-18) Special
Chsch Chsch 16-19 School Mainstream
CiaraGreen Trafford Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
cityprimary City Primary School Primary Mainstream
CKB -None- All-Through (4-16) Special
claerwyn Hoe Valley Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Clarence Thompson Queen Mother Moore School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
clareteresa Startpoint Primary Primary Mainstream
clementina Clementina Other Special
clive -None-
Clive Glover Harperbury Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
cloverch1ldcare Clover Childcare Services All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
CMFS City Mission Free School Primary Mainstream
CognitionSchool The Cognition School 14-19 Mainstream
Colin -None-
Colin Doran Colin Doran All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Connecting Learning Mellow Lane Primary School Primary Mainstream
ContinU Trust The ContinU Plus Academy Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Cornerstone Whiteley Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
cpl199 East London Football Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Crescenthigh Crescent Community High School for Girls Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
crocus1 Crocus Learning Centre Secondary (11-18) Special
Cromwell26 Chesterfield Grammar Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
crosby69 New Path Primary Special
Crown Secondary... Crown Secondary School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
ctarrington -None- Special
Cyriac Thomas Lirttle flower school All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
d.kennedy Kennedy Academy Trust - KMS Colchester Primary Mainstream
D.S.VIRK Sikh Academy Derby Primary Mainstream
D6thFC Dewsbury Sixth Form College 16-19 School Mainstream
dadewale28 stocklom 16-19 School Special
DALJIT SINGH Sikh Academy Derby Primary Mainstream
Daniela Beech Lodge School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
dannydigger -None-
Darul Arqam -None- All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Dave Win The Leys Free School Primary Mainstream
Daveagee Portishead free school Primary Mainstream
davelewis1 Lee Free School Primary Mainstream
David -None-
David Lendon -None-
David Lewis -None-
David Parry Cambridge Medical Needs School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
David Whitehead -None-
Davido 1976 Nubian Tech All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
davidrelph TBC Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
davidwatson North East Military Academy (NEMA) Secondary (11-18) Hybrid
davinci Da Vinci Free School Primary Mainstream
dcjohn48 Tottenham School Without Walls Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
DD School Doxa Deo School Primary Mainstream
deathrow67 Upland Free School Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
declantuer The Medlar Tree School 14-19 Alternative Provision
DeeptiLadva Linxz for Young People All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
Dermot Nolan Oxford, hopefuls Secondary (11-18)
desiderata That is wonderful!!! All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
dgrparkin Primary Education Group All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Di Smith -None-
Diamondzx1 Performing arts school All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Dilwyn St. Mary's CE Primary School (Dilwyn) Primary Mainstream
Diogill Yeelo Academy All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
don8van Freedom Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Donna1 Erpingham Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
dowsa68 Gateshead Scills School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Dr Charlotte Ca... Christchurch Church of England Academy (part of CECET) All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Dr John Munford -None-
Dr Mike Weston Christian Free School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Dr R. David Muir Benjamin Mays College 16-19 School Mainstream
DreamMaker DreamMaker All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
EAQ Network EAQuine Education All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
Eastsussexfreeschool East Sussex Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Ecole Tricolore Ecole Tricolore Primary Mainstream
Edd Williams Northwich Free School (TBC) Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Edina -None-
Education for All Education for All Primary Mainstream
Educationfirst2013 -None- 16-19 School Alternative Provision
edusolve -None-
Edward Benyon Not yet named Primary
Eileen Hinds InspirEd All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
elam2014 East London Academy of Music 16-19 School Mainstream
elephant1 TBC All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
Emma Paramor MF Free School Secondary (11-16) Special
Emmaus Learning Emmaus Learning Community Primary Mainstream
EN3AG Enfield Heights Academy Primary Mainstream
Enabling Enterprise -None-
Enfield Oasis Enfield All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Enfield1 Oasis Enfield Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
enrichment Tesirene All-Through (4-16) Special
entercic Enter All-Through (4-18) Hybrid
Eric Galvin -None-
Erin Cotter NW1HUB All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Europeace Youth Europeace Youth Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Expol Education Expol Education 14-19 Mainstream
Eyefreeschool Eye free school All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Farley Yet to be agreed 16-19 School Special
Finance Support... -None-
fionac PortmanPlace Primary Mainstream
First Education... -None-
fleur.bothwick@... Working title 'The Base' Secondary (11-18) Special
Flying Pigs Not Decided All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
fnizar1 -None-
Focus Training Focus Training 14-19 Alternative Provision
frances Our Lady's Girls' School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
francism Digitial Media 16-19 School Mainstream
Freedom -None-
freeforall -None-
From Boyhood To... FBMF Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
FSFDance CLASS Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Future Transfor... -None-
FutureSchool -None- Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Garrickp -None- Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision LV Primary Mainstream
Gavin Teasdale -None-
GDexter Plymouth Conservatoire of creative Arts All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Genesis The Genesis Project Middle Special
Geoff Taylor-Smith No name yet Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
George -None-
George Holmer Beeston RC Free School Primary Mainstream
georgetheforge TBC Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Gerard Liston Bradford District Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Gilbert Pomell -None- Secondary (11-16)
GinaBuckland03 The Heinscott School All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
glen tony People Working Together(P.W.T) All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
glenbarr -None-
glenday1 Bishop Justus CE School Primary Mainstream
Golds Seaford Head Community College Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
GoughDavis GoughDavis All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Grow Grow Woodland School Primary Alternative Provision
Guru Ravidass Centre Church Lane Guru Ravidass Centre All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
gurunanakacadem... Guru Nanak Academy Trust All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
gurunanakacadem... Guru Nanak Academy Trust All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
gurunanakacadem... Guru Nanak Academy Trust All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
guykelly The Inclusive International School All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
gvaughan The Island School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
HaleMyers Hale Myers Primary Alternative Provision
HalifaxNewSchool HalifaxNewSchool All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Hannahjonesuk -None-
Harmony Harmony Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Hastingsfreeschool Hastings Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Have Imaan -None- Primary Mainstream
Hayley The Sylvan School Primary Mainstream
heartwood Heartwood Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Helen C The Estuary School Primary Mainstream
Helen Tilder -None-
Helent73 Evendons Primary Mainstream
heritagedanceadmin Heritage Dance Foundation 16-19 School Alternative Provision
Himilo future school Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
hjboudreau Walton on Thames Free Range School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
HNC Fundraising HNC (Hart Neighbhourhood Centre) Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Hopewell School -RDM Hopewell School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Horbury Bridge Horbury Bridge Primary Mainstream
Horizone Horizone Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
HounslowFreeSchool Hounslow Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Howard Morris HAFAN Primary School Primary Hybrid
HPACS HPCAS All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
hsahebdin Tarbeeyyah All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
htowler TBC Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Hybrid Aspire Secondary (11-18) Hybrid
Ian Meston Durham Free School Group Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
IanCunningham Central Brighton Community School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
IBF80 Harrow Free School - Kenton Primary Mainstream
icarefoundation MEST ACADEMY All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Ifs-el International Free School of East London All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Inaura Inaura school All-Through (4-16) Special
inspiringhtefut... Inspiring the Future 2014 All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Interface Academy Academy for Innovation All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
International A... International Academy of Greenwich Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
inthecompanyof Ada Lovelace Academy 16-19 School Mainstream
Iqra Free School Iqra Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
iqrahighschool Iqra High School for Girls Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Iqrawelfaretrust Iqra Welfare Trust Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
irichards Bilingual school BRISTOL All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
isabelleadams Hackney Multilingual Free school Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
isambard Isambard All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
isla Crossroads Primary Mainstream
Islamia Girls H... Islamia Girls High School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Iverone HOPE All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
Jacpad JacPad All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Jacqui Stone Abberton Rural Training 16-19 School Mainstream
JacquiEsiH Crystal Palace Primary School Primary Mainstream
James Gutteridge The Discovery School Middle Alternative Provision
James Watson PE PRACTICE Primary Mainstream
JamesBarber New East Dulwich Secondary School (NEDS) Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
jamesdtownsend -None-
jamesp@thepump The Pump Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
james_sevenoaks... Sevenoaks Christian School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
jane reynolds Lammas School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
jbarrett Paxton Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
jdardouk Inspire Educational Trust All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
jean johnson -None-
Jeannie Cramlington Village Primary School Primary Mainstream
Jeff Banks School4Ongar Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Jeff Payne St. Mary's Church of England Primary School Primary Mainstream
JenNELondon -None- Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Jennifer Hall City Mission Free School Primary Mainstream
jenniferhill Excellence in English 14-19 Mainstream
Jenny-D Discovery Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
JenTChristy Jenny Christy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Jessica Swaby primary school Primary Mainstream
jessmartin saplings Primary Mainstream
jesterley Robertson-Wheatley Other Mainstream
jhreeves1985 Nurture Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Jillian84 Jillian Lucas Primary Mainstream
Jillothy The Compass Middle Special
jimgatten Gladstone School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
JLRandall Village Montessori Primary Free School Project Primary Mainstream
Jo Sharp Education through activity Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Jo Young Friary Park Primary School Primary Mainstream
joby -None- Other Mainstream
Johannes Frank Johannes Frank All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
John Strong Tameside Employability School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Johned Periplus Virtual Academy Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
JohnSmart -None-
Jon Thorne Other Alternative Provision
Jonathan.Sibley -None- All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
jonathangoldstein St Marylebone Bridge School Secondary (11-16) Special
jopski Spectrums All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Josei Neighbourhood Free Academy, Forest Gate All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
jstjst Torch academy Group Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Jubilee School ... Jubilee Primary School Maidstone Primary Mainstream
Judgedavid -None-
judyb Rosseleigh Free School Primary Mainstream
Julia Breda Spanish/English Bilingual School London All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Julia Breda Isabal Spanish/English Bilingual School London All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Juliana Amara Redeemed International School England (RISE) Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
JuneC Excellence Primary Mainstream
Justin Gudgeon To be decided Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
JVMCKEE St Luke the Evangelist Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
J_Campbell_academy J Campbell Academy Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
kamitpreparator... KPI Europe All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Karen The Hollies Primary Mainstream
Karena Kyne NORTH LANCASHIRE COMMUNITY SCHOOL Secondary (11-16) Hybrid
KarenBee Free School Derbyshire Dales Primary Mainstream
Kate Swinfield Turners Hill Secondary (11-16) Special
kathryn creed The Free School Oxford Primary Mainstream
Kbarry Hertford Free School Primary Mainstream
Kdodd1960 Genesis Primary Academy Primary Mainstream
Kelty None Other Mainstream
kemptownschool The Kemptown School Other Mainstream
kenshoults WAC free school All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
kevin.scomparin Branczyk Free School Primary Mainstream
kez48jo Yeelo Academy All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
kg912 -None-
Khalid Mirza Darul Madina Bolton All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
KHURSHID AHMED Khushi Grammer School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Kids and Us Kids and Us Primary Mainstream
Kidscount -None- Primary Alternative Provision
Kigongo Moses Brook education centre All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
kimmy2849 Tendring Free School All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
King's Group King's Group All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Kingston -None- All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
kingswaynewschool Kingsway New School Primary Mainstream
King_noelle Penistone Bilingual Primary Primary Mainstream
kitmil -None- Primary
kond ONSchool Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
krishna -None- Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
KSIMC of London Stanmore School Primary Mainstream
kumarisilva British-Asian School London All-Through (4-18) Special
KZSmith -None-
Lal NAWBATT -None-
Lamberniere Whitehall School Other Mainstream
lanag1969 Asperger Central All-Through (4-16) Special
lancaster free ... Lancaster Free School Primary Mainstream
Lancaster Stein... Lancaster Steiner School Primary Alternative Provision
landon_reid@hot... -None-
latif Academic Tutors Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Laura Dancer Laura Dancer All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
lauraparis Christ Redeemer Primary School Primary Mainstream
Laurel -None-
lbglynn Oasis Academy South Bank Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
lbondesio -None-
Learn2 The LEC 14-19 Alternative Provision
learnsure Haesta Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Leehood Heritage College All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Lesley Keay ROBERT OWEN FREE SCHOOL Other Mainstream
Liam Hogbin The Source Other Special
Linda Prince Third Millennium Primary Mainstream
liverpool speci... VOICE COLLEGE Secondary (11-16) Special
LocalSchoolsN2 The Archer Academy Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
London Riverside The London Riverside School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
London Steiner ... The Oak School, North London All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Londonguy09 London school All-Through (4-18) Mainstream Pillar School Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
LorraineCMoss -None-
Louth-free-school Louth free School (name to be altered later) Primary Mainstream
LSS Akaal Education Trust All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
LThom -None-
lucat1 Aspire Schools Primary Mainstream
Lucy Lonergan Wellsprings School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
lutonacademy Luton Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Lutonspecialnee... Luton Special Needs Free School For ASD All-Through (4-16) Special
M Evans Do it Write Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
M.A.S. -None-
Ma141 Bolton Arabic school All-Through (4-18) Hybrid
maarshad Oaklands Preparatory (not yet registered) Primary Mainstream
mahadirm SMK PLUS MELATI SAMARINDA Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Maidstone Stein... Maidstone Steiner School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
MAJID786 Birmingham Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
makeadifference -None- Primary
Malcolm John -None- Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
maliboo50 -None- All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
mamwye Hillingdon ASD and Complex Needs Other Special
Management -None-
manchinesecentre Manchester Chinese Centre Primary Mainstream
Mandy G -None- Primary Special
manishkmehta NW London ASD Alliance Primary Special
Mansfield Free ... The Mansfield Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Marcia Gilphillian Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Marcus Isman YPSS All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Maria Ashot London Free School of European Civilisation All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
maria montessor... maria montessori primary school Primary Mainstream
Mariam Manchester Junior Academy Primary Mainstream
Marian Barton Edutrust Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Marie Anderson The Hope School Other Alternative Provision
Mark Craster-Ch... The Guru Angad Sahib Free School Primary Mainstream
Mark Dodshon TBA (currently alt ed provider) All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
Mark Worthington Cheshire Sporting Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
mark@balderstone Balderstone Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
marknichols2013 Charles Read Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Marshell Stinson Marshell Stinson All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
martinpace Reflections Primary Alternative Provision
Marvel The Marvel Trust All-Through (4-18) Special
MaryleboneBoys Marylebone Boys Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
marymidgley Netherleigh and Rossefield School Primary Mainstream
matleyandsanderson Matley and Sandersons Primary Mainstream
matthew pinches Leicester School of Sport 16-19 School Mainstream
mdm6443 -None-
mechstan Potters international school All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Megan -None- Other Alternative Provision
Mehria School Mehria School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
melanie naylor -None-
Melissa Amilli New Shire Primary School Primary Mainstream
melissa84 Achievers Secondary (11-18) Special
Melton Unknown Primary Mainstream
memaji Route39 Education Group Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Meridian Water London Community Learning Trust All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
mesivtaohrshlomoh Mesivta Ohr Shlomoh Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
mhussain Oak Tree Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Michael Hockley -None- All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Mike Reed Free School Oxford Primary Mainstream
Mike Stallard Wisbech Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
mikejan21 -None-
Milena Cerebra Eagles All-Through (4-16) Special
Miriam McKee -None-
Mission Primary school Primary Mainstream
Missy2167 Educaton Plus Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
MMS Manchester Montessori School Primary Mainstream
Mode Training Mode Training Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Moderate ASD fr... Winchester Free school for children aged 4-16 with moderate ASD All-Through (4-16) Special
modman666 None Primary Mainstream
Molesey free school Molesey Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Mondsey Educating Daisy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Montessori Free... Montessori Free School Primary Mainstream
Mortlock -None-
Mossley Hill Project Mossley Hill Project Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Mowden hall Fre... Mowden Hall Academy Group Primary Special
MPA The Marco Polo Academy Primary Mainstream
MPiesare TBA All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Mr James Corcoran -None-
Mr T Hatfield Academy Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
mrsdbaird Sparkwell Primary School Primary Mainstream
mrsdon -None- Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
mrtea24 kidongo chekundu 14-19 Alternative Provision
mrtea_z kidongo chekundu 14-19 Alternative Provision
msaj14 School of Sport Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
mskf MSKF Primary Special
MTHStewart -None-
MUJIB TARIQ -None- All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Mullally Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support All-Through (4-18) Special
mum make it shine All-Through (4-18) Special
mummerley PYC Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Munyaradzi -None-
musicadvisor The Goodloe Secondary School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
MYOUSAF AL-Hikma School For Girls Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
n15han -None- All-Through (4-16)
Nadine Hubble Chichester Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
NadineC Project 1 All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
nat.em Northern Institute of Performing Arts 16-19 School Mainstream
NatalieBourne The Angels Academy Other Mainstream
nathankw Hopscotch All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Natural Ability Natural Ability All-Through (4-18) Hybrid
naturekidsschool Nature Kids All-Through (4-16) Special
Neil Grenyer Education for Melbourne Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
nevans No provided as yet Primary Mainstream
New Generation Hope community school Primary Mainstream
New Oxford Scho... New Oxford School Trust Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
New School Near... Not decided yet Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
New Season New Season Free School All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
New Secondary School None Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
nibbles09 New Secondary School Boston All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Nick None as yet Primary Mainstream
Nick Loftus Wolves Free School Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Nidatrust2 Oak Schools Hackney Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Nigel Spears Tarka Academy (Barnstaple) - Tarka Academy Trust Primary Special
niglew1 Rushden Free School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Niki Robinson Robinson Academy of Creative and Technical Arts 16-19 School Mainstream
nkannappu annai fine arts tamil school Other Special
nl -None-
nlcadmin New London College Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Norman Perrin Paces School All-Through (4-18) Special
North Cestrian ... North Cestrian Grammar School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
NorthEast Profe... -None-
noshabah moseley girls high school Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
nrah -None-
nu -None- Other Alternative Provision
nualabb CHORLEY PREP Primary Mainstream
oakwood Oakwood Islamic School for Girls Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Oasis Community... Oasis Horsham Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
OasisSilvertown Oasis Silvertown Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
OasisWalthamstow Oasis Academy Walthamstow Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
okehampton free... Okehampton Free School Project All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
olalolu68 JEGS Schools Ltd Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
OldQP Seacole Primary School Primary Mainstream
Olivia Nuamah WeCode 14-19 Mainstream
olufemi Harfield All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
One Degree Academy 1 One Degree Academy All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
ONSchool ONSchool Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
OnSide OnSide Network Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
owens6370 Wolverhampton Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
owsbur Gladstone Hall Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
padmarahulan Royal Free School, Coventry All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Paneser Guru Nanak Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Pany Anastasiou St Barbara's Greek Orthodox Primary School Primary Mainstream
Pat Reid ACE Academy Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Pathfinder Pathfinder Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Patricia R -None-
Paul Hollingum St Mary Magdalene Academy Courtyard Other Mainstream
paul murphy Education for the 21st Century Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Paul Nicholson -None-
paul rabidas -None-
Paul Wheeler Not decided Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
paxton academy Paxton Academy Sports and Science All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
pelemoba DIADEM Primary Mainstream
perrybeeches Perry Beeches - The Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
petawillis Research school All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Peter Chatterley Peter Chatterley
Peter Featherstone -None-
Peter.Fair Sheffield Christian Free School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Peterborough Pr... Peterborough Preparatoraty School Primary Mainstream
petesz -None-
philsharrock -None- Primary Mainstream
Phoenix Free Sc... Phoenix Free School of Oldham Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
PinnyC Clapton Small School Primary Mainstream
PLA Pioneer Leadership Academy All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
pma Positve Minds Academy (PMA) Primary Mainstream
pmaacademy Positive Mental Attitude Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
PMGTrust Pathways in Education Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
pmj3112 -None-
pompeyjohn69 -None- -None-
Princes Communi... Prince's Community School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Progress -None- Mainstream
PS Ipswich Prospect School - 4'RCE Training All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Puzzle Centre Puzzle Centre Primary Special
PWS Partington Wood School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Pyramid Free School Pyramid Free School for Children with Autism All-Through (4-16) Special
QSC Queens Science College Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
quantockeducation The Quantock Education Foundation Other Mainstream
questprimary Quest Primary School Primary Mainstream
r.croome North Tyneside School of the Sea 16-19 School Mainstream
Rach Banbury Montessori Primary Mainstream
rachels -None- Other Alternative Provision
rackland75 West Mercia Academy of Performing Arts Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
rads -None- All-Through (4-18) Special
rainbow park rainbow park ASD free school All-Through (4-16) Special
Raj Bains -None- Primary Mainstream
ramparts Ramparts College Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Ray Kohn Paces All-Through (4-18) Special
rboat -None-
Reach for the stars RUPA - developing the leaders of tomorrow Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Rebecca Pinney Northampton International Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
redretford -None-
redrosefreeschool Red Rose Free School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Renaissance Academy Renaissance Academy 16-19 School Alternative Provision
Renu Phoenix academy Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
rhizopus Nadir Education All-Through (4-18) Special
Rhoda Mary Rhoda Mary 16-19 School Alternative Provision
riasarrington J-Blaine Academy All-Through (4-16) Special
Richard Woolford Moredale AEP Free School 16-19 School Hybrid
Richmond boroug... Thomson House School Primary Mainstream
Rick Dalton None Primary Mainstream
Riverside free ... Riverside Secondary (11-18) Special
Rivington PArk Rivington Park School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
RJ School of Professional Careers Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Rkeyecare LITTLE FLOWER All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
rknewman-smith Hertford Free School Primary Mainstream
Rmcondo -None-
rnorthey None All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Rob FireNIx UWE
rob.hannan@lond... MERIDIAN SPECIAL SCHOOL All-Through (4-18) Special
robbaker381 n/a
Robert F -None-
robertellis Virtual Sixth Form College 16-19 School Mainstream
robincdaniel -None-
robynpretorius to be named Primary
RocketLauncher TBD: Science & Engineering Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Romford Oasis Romford All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
RonTester_ Ron Tester All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Rooksdown Primary Rooksdown Primary School Primary Mainstream
RORYSTAUNTON HOLY CROSS SCHOOL Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Ross.Little HYKEHAM FREE SCHOOL Primary Mainstream
rslade@plumcrof... Plumcroft Primary School Primary Mainstream
Ruislip Free School Ruislip Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
russ_india1 Norbury Free School Group Primary Mainstream
rvfs Rother Valley Free School Primary Mainstream
S.Nawaz West5 Primary Primary Mainstream
SAATM SAATM(Sri Aurobindo and The Mother) Virtual Academy All-Through (4-18) Hybrid
saidmunir Little Star Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Saint Martins St. Martin's 14-19 Catholic Free School Other Mainstream
Sally Lockyer Grove House School Other Special
sammysam -None- Primary
SAMP2015 Steiner Academy Maidstone Project Primary Mainstream
sampalmer Big Life Families Primary Mainstream
sandda S&DA STEM College (Working Title) 16-19 School Mainstream
Sandy School/academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Sandy Davies Education Links Other Alternative Provision
Sarah Donachy None All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
sarahbusby Laverstock Sixth Form College 16-19 School Mainstream
SarahH Legacy 14-19 Mainstream
sarahrabbit -None-
Sarpeyer -None- Primary Mainstream
Sarra Al Zubeidi Al Amal All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
SASFreeSchool SAS Other Alternative Provision
sasjohnston@gma... Winchester Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
sathyasaischool Sathya Sai School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
school of awareness School of Awareness All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
school42 schoolhouse Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
school@leeds-st... Leeds Steiner School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
SCS Sevenoaks Christian School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
SDavies -None-
Seabrook -None-
Sejal Jaiswal St Joan's Kg School Secondary (11-16)
Selva Pankaj Harrow Free School Primary Mainstream
SES Small Earth School Primary Mainstream
Seva School seva achool All-Through (4-18) Special
SFO2301 Raising Hope Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
sgwyartt Sirius Wood School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Shahwar Sadeque -None-
Shantha -None- Primary Mainstream
Sharon Corbett -None-
Sharon Marshall Right Track Career Academy Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Shazi -None- Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Sheenagh Davis Whitbourne C of E Independent School and Hub (W.I.S.H.) Primary Mainstream
shepherdsbush Shepherd's Bush College All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Shlomo Not at present
shuqin Oxford Bridge All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Silvertown123 Oasis Academy Silvertown Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
SIMBA -None-
Simon Davies -None-
simonee ELSHADDI CHRISTIAN SCHOOL All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
sjoiner Heritage College All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
SKIDZ SKIDZ Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
skybluecal -None- Secondary (11-18) Special
skyline12 Skyline Academy 14-19 Special
SMitchley Harperbury Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Sohag Patel SAATM(Sri Aurobindo and The Mother) Virtual Academy All-Through (4-18) Hybrid
Somaca Somaca Primary Mainstream
Sonia Case Dulwich Hamlet Junior School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
South Devon Edu... South Devon Primary School Primary Mainstream
Spencer Larraine Boorman
SPinnock AESE All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
SPreston Bethanys Legacy Education Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
Sreekumar -None-
St John's Watford St John's Church of England Primary School Primary Mainstream
stamfordfreeschool Stamford Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
stbedeuk1 St Bede Services School Primary Mainstream
STCN STCN Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Stef Arte Vivendi All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Steiner Academy... Steiner Academy Exeter All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
steiner academy... SASH (Steiner Academy South Hams) All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Steiner Free Schools Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Stephanie Henry Bilingual Futures Primary Special
Stephen Brooks succeed Primary Mainstream
Stephen Pritcha... Charles Darwin Learning Academy Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
stepup Step Up International Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Steve Hall Brooklands Primary Mainstream
Steve Turner Youth Achievement Foundations 14-19 Alternative Provision
stevekenning@as... The Aspirations Academies Trust All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
steven@gitonga -None-
StevenB -None-
stevewroche Ruislip Free School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
stf Sir Thomas Fremantle Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
StMCEPrimary St Mary's CE Primary Cheshunt Primary Mainstream
stonellins Wizard Academy and Nursery Daycare 16-19 School Alternative Provision
StrandSchool Strand School Other Mainstream
Street-teach North London Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
StretchZone Maat School of Excellence Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
success4all Success4All Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Sue Coombes Rainbow Horses Middle Alternative Provision
Suemaths -None- 16-19 School Mainstream
SurrealRia Surreal Arts Free School 14-19 Mainstream
Sustainable Edu... Sustainable Education Primary Mainstream
Swale Special School Swale Special School All-Through (4-16) Special
swf PMA Other Mainstream
SYP Shaftesbury Young People All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
talk2neka Little Rus-school centre for learning Other Alternative Provision
Tanya Watson William Tyndale All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Target Centre Target Centre Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
TBPschool Tonbridge Bilingual Primary School Project All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
TCEP The Chaucer Education Project Other Alternative Provision
Teacherpiggy Queens Theatre Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
Teachfive -None- Primary Alternative Provision
tebbs_dube Leeds SDA Church Other Mainstream
teremok Tere All-Through (4-16) Hybrid
terryfaulds -None- All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
The Canterbury ... The Canterbury Free School Primary Mainstream
The Eden School The Eden School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
The Hawthornes Hawthornes Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
The Liverpool I... Undecided Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
The Tickhill School The Tickhill School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
thebeaconschool The Beacon School London Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
thelightprimary The Light Primary All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
TheRainbowCentre The Rainbow Centre For Children With Autism All-Through (4-16) Special
thesmartkid The Smart Kid All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
thinking about ... John Major School Primary Mainstream
thlilley -None-
thomas grant n/a Secondary (11-16) Alternative Provision
Tim Wakefield The Switch Project Primary Alternative Provision
Tina Brown Kreative Educational Solutions Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Tinytots Learning to succeed Primary Mainstream
TKS Witney The King's School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
TLTP_Education None All-Through (4-16) Mainstream -None-
tojetola Chafford Free School Primary Mainstream
tolulopeborisade Redeemed Christian Church of God All-Through (4-16) Special
tonyholly APEX ACADEMY Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
tonyrhill -None-
Torch PA Torch Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Tower Science A... Tower Science Academy All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
tpooh78 Honeybourne Other Mainstream
Trebor -None-
Trevor Wood -None-
ucatucfs University of Chester Academies Trust (UCAT) Primary Mainstream
UKChineseSchool UK Chinese School All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
unity Unity Primary School Primary Mainstream
vallanceb Positive Progressions Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
vbewer Harrow flexible primary school Primary Mainstream
Vicki Bunn Red Balloon Learner Centre Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Victoria Court Undecided as yet Other Alternative Provision
Villages Free School Villages Free School Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
vinaythawait Northern Lights All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Vo2 learn VO2 Learn Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
vuhartridge Earthlight Foundation Secondary (11-18) Alternative Provision
Warrior Warrior School Secondary (11-18) Hybrid
West Cornwall A... West Cornwall Alternative Education All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
West Kent YMCA West Kent YMCA Community School AP Free School (the HORIZON Project) 14-19 Alternative Provision
westbournefreeschool Westbourne Christian Free School Primary Mainstream
WestKentYMCA West Kent YMCA - the HORIZON Project 14-19 Hybrid
WestonChristianFS Weston Christian Free School All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
Westside School Westside School Other Alternative Provision
wildcatstheatre Wildcats Theatre Academy Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
WREN West Reading Education Network (WREN) Secondary (11-18) Mainstream
Yazza MES All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
ylbryan Educational Wellbeing Plus All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
YMCA Fylde Coast YMCA Fylde Coast 16-19 School Mainstream
yogarevolution None All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
yu Planet School All-Through (4-18) Alternative Provision
Yukesha Makhan Ara International School London All-Through (4-16) Alternative Provision
Yvonne Felixstowe Community School Secondary (11-16) Mainstream
zeba100 Heathfield grammar All-Through (4-18) Mainstream
ziggymarlo -None- Primary Mainstream
ztwilliams Canterbury Free School Primary Mainstream
Zubakuki Gosport All-Through (4-16) Mainstream
_Ja_so_n_ n/a All-Through (4-16) Mainstream