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New Schools Network kicks-off search for new Director

It was announced yesterday that Natalie Evans (Baroness Evans of Bowes Park), currently Director of New Schools Network (NSN), has been appointed as Government Whip. She will leave her post immediately to take up her new role.

Rachel Wolf, Chair of Trustees at New Schools Network said:"We would like to thank Natalie for her extraordinary leadership at NSN - first as COO and then Director. We know she will be just as successful in her new role.

Statement from NSN's Trustees

The Board of Trustees for the New Schools Network is today announcing its decision to wind down the charity’s operations.

Since 2009, New Schools Network has supported the creation of 610 schools which otherwise wouldn’t exist, as well over 200 that are still in the pipeline. During that time, NSN has supported every wave of the free schools programme, working with hundreds of groups wanting to set up free schools. There is now a thriving free schools community right across the country, which brings innovation and academic excellence to the system.

Statement from NSN's Trustees

Since 2009, New Schools Network (NSN) has worked tirelessly to advocate for and support the free schools programme. There is now a thriving free school community made up of 610 schools, plus over 200 free schools approved to open, that brings innovation and academic excellence to the system. We have been proud to play our part in supporting these schools. 

Demystifying the trustee: Adanna Welch-Charles

Why did you get involved as a trustee?

Academy Ambassadors came to speak to the MIN (Multicultural and Inclusion Network) at Vodafone about why it was important for individuals in corporate settings to get involved with education. This conversation tugged at my heart strings as I knew there was more I could be doing. I asked myself, Adanna – what have you got in your hands and how could you contribute?

Demystifying the trustee: Stuart Broster

Why did you become a trustee?

Education wasn’t an area I had any previous involvement with. I thought it would be quite fascinating area to get stuck in with and the setup of Academy Ambassadors was interesting. I had a chat with a Regional Advisor from the Programme, and they matched me with an academy trust that fit what I was looking for. I wanted to become a trustee to widen my portfolio. Alongside other roles I have, it’s helped me to understand things like environmental, social and corporate governance better; school curriculums; and delegation of duties.

Demystifying the trustee: Rupert Gather

What is the purpose of an academy trust board?

A trust board primarily has a statutory purpose, as it is a requirement for an academy trust to have an independent body charged with the oversight of the trust’s governance, finance and operations. The duties are very similar to that of a board of directors and many trustees will also have been directors of private companies so will be familiar with the kind of responsibility that it entails.

NSN Director responds to the Budget

"I welcome the Chancellor's announcement today to invest in new special school places. 

"Special and alternative provision free schools provide some of the highest quality and most innovative opportunities for families across the country. Demand has been outstripping supply for a number of years, and there are countless children whose needs are going unmet. The funding announced today is a welcome step in the right direction.