Exemplar Policies - in collaboration with TheSchoolBus

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Fri 21 October 2016
As part of the pre-opening stage, free schools are required to ensure that all the relevant policies and procedures are in place in readiness for opening. Rather than time-poor, free schools leaders re-inventing the wheel, New Schools Network can share model policy documentation that all free schools must produce in pre-opening.

If you would like to receive copies of any of the following model policy documents, please email open@newschoolsnetwork.org.

  1. Allegations of Abus against Staff Policy
  2. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  3. Complaints Procedure Policy
  4. Data Protection Policy
  5. Disciplinary Policy
  6. Equal Opportunities Policy
  7. Equality Information and Objective Policy
  8. Exclusion Poilcy
  9. Freedom of Information Olicy
  10. Recruitment and DBS Policy

These documents have been produced for New Schools Network by Hub4Leader's TheSchoolBus. TheSchoolBus provides guidance and advice alongside statutory and good practice resources for schools. They produce current, compliant and comprehensive articles, templates and model policies.


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