About us

Our purpose is to ensure that every child has an equal chance to succeed, irrespective of their background, by supporting communities to establish, run and improve schools.

An unacceptable number of children fail to reach their potential because they lack access to an excellent education. Too often, a child’s background dictates their destination in life, entrenching inequality and impacting communities for generations to come. 

New Schools Network is passionate about ending educational inequality once and for all.

We envisage a country where every child has an equal chance to succeed in life, irrespective of their background. Through our programmes, we partner with individuals, groups, trusts and business leaders to establish, run and improve pioneering and innovative schools.

New Schools Network is powered by a dynamic and enthusiastic team, united by a passion for improving life chances for children through education.

NSN's values

  • We take action to generate change.
  • We embrace innovation.
  • We believe in individual agency.
  • We celebrate diversity.
  • We commit to continuous improvement.