Candidate eligibility

Expressions of interest are invited from a broad range of business leaders and professionals to enter the Academy Ambassadors Programme 'pool' of potential non-executive directors, who will be put forward for advertised and non-advertised academy trust board roles.

Principles, personal attributes, skills and knowledge are all important for governance roles at academy trusts. Candidates selected to be retained in the Academy Ambassadors Programme candidate pool will have senior-level experience from business, professions, public and charity sectors, as well as the qualities that enable board members to use their skills and knowledge to function well as part of a team and make an active contribution to effective governance. More details about the competencies required for good governance are available at the DfE Competency Framework.

Priority will be given to candidates who demonstrate senior executive or board level experience gained within a substantial or complex operating environment across numerous sites or locations. Where experience has not been gained at executive or board level, consideration will be given to candidates who have held other non-executive director or trustee roles.

A candidate shall not be considered eligible for retention in the Academy Ambassadors Programme pool if any member of the AAP team has any reason to consider that the candidate would not be eligible for trusteeship under the DfE Model Articles of Association.

If the candidate's application or subsequent conversations give the Academy Ambassadors Programme any cause to doubt that the candidate would uphold the Nolan Seven Principles of Public Life once in post, then the Academy Ambassadors Programme reserves the right to exclude them from the pool of candidates. In particular, candidates should demonstrate selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness and honesty in all dealings with the Academy Ambassadors Programme and the academy trust.

Candidates who possess a prior personal or professional connection to an academy trust should make the AAP team aware at the earliest stage in their application. It is likely that such candidates will be asked to apply direct to the trust. Parents with children in one of the schools are asked to apply direct to the school as most trusts prefer to liaise with parents direct.

Candidates should live within a reasonable travelling distance of the trust and/or have a link with the region. Candidates that are not routinely domiciled in England are not considered eligible.